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A complete set of our promo cards (64 in total) is just $75
(includes many Rare Versions & a Random Artist signed & numbered Promo!)


In response to so many requests, we have put together the most comprehensive complete set of our current & past promo cards & are making them available for sale here. The complete set is a total of 64 cards in all & each set comes with a random artist autographed numbered card!

The cards in the set are:
Philly Non-Sports Card Show #38
Philly Non-Sports Card Show #38V
Chris Henderson's "Mr. Bear & Mr. Rabbit" (4 card set)
Katie McDee #TY-2009
Katie McDee #P-2009
Philly Non-Sports Card Show #53
Katie McDee #TY-2010
Kepi Ghoulie #P-2010
Cartoon Sketch (Kevin Graham Art) by Breygent NO#
Lady Death Series 1 by 5FINITY NO#
Jay P. Fosgitt #TY-2011
Frankie B. Washington #P-2011
The Bettie Page Private Collection (Scott Alan Gregory Art) by Versicolor #BP16-MHOP
Luis Diaz #TY-2012
Luis Diaz #P-2012
Metallic 15th Anniversary (only 365 made) #PA-2011
Luis Diaz CLEAR CARD #TYC-2012 (only 200 made)
Propaganda & Poster Series 1 by Cult-Stuff #P5
Chris Mason #TY-2013
Chris Mason #P-2013
Ninja High School (5Finity mhoponhop exclusive)
War of the Worlds (Cult-Stuff) #MP1 mhoponhop exclusive
The Art of Kevin Seconds (mhoponhop productions) #P1
The Art of Kevin Seconds (mhoponhop productions) #P2
The Art of Kevin Seconds (mhoponhop productions) #NSU
The Art of Kevin Seconds (mhoponhop productions) #NSU *Foil Variant
Facebook Promotion SILVER BORDER #P-FBS
Facebook Redemption GOLD BORDER *Ink Stamped/Not Numbered #P-FBG
MAIDENS: LEGENDS & LORE EXPANSION #55 (Sadlittles.com) #55
Cowboys and Indian Girls (Sadlittles.com) #06 
Jayro Lantigua #TY-2014
Jayro Lantigua #P-2014
The Art of Kepi Ghoulie (mhoponhop productions) #P1
Horrorible Ugly Monsters (mhoponhop productions) 2-Set Incentive Promo Set Includes P1, P2 & P3 w/ Black Autograph Card #P2 & #P2 Numbered to 100 in Black Ink (5 Cards Total)
Horrorible Ugly Monsters (mhoponhop productions) 10-Set Incentive Promo Set Includes P1, P2 & P3 w/ Red Autograph Card #P2 & #P2 Numbered to 35 in Red Ink (5 Cards Total)
Kepi & Friends: Art to Benefit the Bigfoot Discovery Museum (mhoponhop productions) "Test" Promo #d to 250
The Art of Dan Allen (mhoponhop productions) #P1
Kepi & Friends: Art to Benefit the Bigfoot Discovery Museum (mhoponhop productions) #P1
Gary Fields #TY-2015
Christine Benjamin #P-2015 
Flophouse Friends #P1
Flophouse Friends #P2
Flophouse Friends #NYCC (NY Comic Con Exclusive) 
Jared Konopitski #TY-2016
Jared Konopitski #P-2016
"Everyone Loves Free Rabbitt Cards" (no#)
Unknown Artist (Graffiti Art) #TY-2017
Dan Allen #P-2017
Roadside Rabbits #RR-2018
Dan Gorman #TY-2018
Woodstock Commemorative Trading Card #W1
The Bunny Hug #TY-2019 
FACEBOOK GOLD BORDER CARD - from ORIGINAL First 200 Likes (Numbered to 200) 
*Some Manufacturer promo cards by Cult-Stuff printed exclusively for us are not included in this set as they were printed in very small amounts (some as low as 20 cards total) 

Each Complete Set is only $75 & comes with a random Artist Signed & Numbered Promo Card!