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sample Sketch Card art

 Each Set is Sealed & Numbered (only 1000 sets made)
Each Set Contains a 12 Card Set (#1-#12)
1 Random Premium Card (Either a Hand Signed Autograph Card or a Hand Drawn Art Sketch Card)
1 Free Song Download Code (2 Different Songs to Collect)
1 Random Promo Card (#P1, #P2 or #NSU+ 1 Rare Foil #NSU Variant)
1 Header Card
Plus look for Randomly Inserted RARE Robot Foil Cards (1 in 3 Sets)

This all-new Trading Card series features The Art of Kevin Seconds. Kevin Seconds is the iconic frontman for the legendary punk band 7Seconds. Throughout his musical career he has released a number of full length albums as well as dozens of tapes, eps & videos. He has performed & recorded with several different projects & has influenced countless bands & entire movements within the Straight Edge & Hardcore scenes.
Kevin still actively tours supporting his solo career & still plays with 7Seconds.
Kevin has been creating art his whole life. And now, for the first time ever, his hand-picked favorite paintings have been reprinted for inclusion in this limited edition trading card series.The complete series will consist of 12 cards in all, each featuring one of Kevin's favorite paintings. There will also be Hand Signed Autograph Cards, Hand Drawn Sketch Cards, Download Codes for free SONGS 
Only 1000 sets are being made!