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Our exciting release "ART TO BENEFIT THE BIGFOOT DISCOVERY MUSEUM featuring KEPI GHOULIE & FRIENDS" is a trading card collection of 14 different images of BIGFOOT-INSPIRED art that was featured in the RUNNING WITH BIGFOOT art show held in California in April 2014. Each card features art by 14 different Artists. This set was produced to continue to help benefit the BIGFOOT DISCOVERY MUSEUM in FELTON, CA. Kepi Ghoulie & His Friends have donated use of their images & have each signed a limited number of Artist Autographed Cards! The art is stunning, fun & imaginative. The artists are diverse & some of the greatest folks in the Art Community we have ever dealt with.
While the easiest way to get these cards would be to order them right here & now from the website (and thanks for that!), the MORE FUN way would be to go to the actual museum & pick up a set there OR go to a KEPI GHOULIE live show & pick up your set from him directly. We're all selling the sets to help benefit the museum. Buying 1 set or several sets HELPS! When you see the list of artists who signed cards, you're going to want to collect them all! With only 1 Signed Card in each DELUXE set, you might as well buy a few to collect & swap with your friends! 
The list of Artists who personally signed AUTOGRAPH CARDS are: Kepi Ghoulie (from The Groovie Ghoulies), Kevin Seconds (from 7 SECONDS), Dan P. (from MU330), Greg Attonito (from The Bouncing Souls), Shanti Wintergate (from Playdate), Chris Shary (punk rock art legend created iconic mascots for The Descendents & ALL), Lori Herbst, Kori Thompson, Melanie Bown, Christine Benjamin, Trad'r DonV & Jared Konopitski, Gilbert Armendariz & Bruce Gossett.
The set consists of 12 cards in all (#1-#12) with 2 Bonus Cards (#B1 & #B2). Card backs have extensive information about the Museum itself with many ways you can get involved to enjoy it yourself & to help the cause! 

You can purchase your set below & have the following buying options:

1 DELUXE SET: Include all 12 Standard Cards, BOTH Bonus Art Cards & 1 Random Autographed Card

Other Packages are as follows:

BUY 2 DELUXE SETS  & get an exclusive MICHAEL RUGG (Museum Curator) & PAULA YARR (Museum CO-Founder) Autographed cards (not available anywhere else)

BUY 14 DELUXE SETS & guarantee 1 Complete Autograph Card Set + 1 MICHAEL RUGG & 1 PAULA YARR Autographed Cards (not available anywhere else)

BUY A COMPLETE MASTER SET: Includes all Standard & Bonus Cards + all 14 Artist Autographed Cards, 1 Michael Rugg Autographed Card, 1 Paula Yarr Autographed Card, 2 Promo Cards & 2 SPECIAL DUAL-SIGNED Cards for (Chris Shary & Lori Herbst / Shanti Wintergate & Greg Attonito)

*Autographed Cards are each unique Hand-Signed cards by each artist. Not all artists also doodled on all of their cards & no two cards are alike. Picture is just a sampling. Your signed cards are selected at random. 

Bigfoot Art Cards