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Our FLOPHOUSE FRIENDS trading card series answers the burning question: What happens to our furry animal friends when they fall on hard times? Where do they go when they are down on their luck? If they have that propensity to imbibe on too much alcohol, who takes them in? Well, the answer is: They are embraced by the community of The Flophouse!

Meet our FLOPHOUSE FRIENDS in this exciting & fun trading card series. Nine character cards in all (not counting roaches) with art & stories by GARY FIELDS! Highlights are definitely BARFY BEAR, RETCHY RABBIT & MOLDIE GOLDIE. And we can't forget SMELLY CATT! Want to know more about them all? Each card back as extensive text with stories on how each character wound up at The Flophouse to begin with. 

Each sealed card set is packed with PREMIUMS. At least 1 Premium Card per set! Each level of special limited edition cards enhances the product. Premium cards are: Rare Hand Drawn Sketch Art cards (each colored, many with captions!), Special Hand Signed Artist Autographed Cards (multiple ink colors! & 2 different Rare MOTION lenticular cards! Also: A Special 3-Card "THREE LITTLE PIGGIES" subset has been added! These Subset Cards are printed on a special thick Matte Finish card stock & feature BRAND NEW art (guaranteed at least 1 Piggies Subset card in each set!)


1 Sealed Set (Contains 1 Premium Card): $18 US Shipping Included

4 Sealed Sets (each Contains 1 Premium Card) + Guarantee Assortment 1 of each Premium Card (Sketch, Auto, Motion 1, Motion 2) & all 3 Promo Cards* (P1, P2 & NYCC): $60 US Shipping Included

10 Sealed Sets (each Contains 1 Premium Card) + 1 MASTER SET (Includes All Cards 1 each all 4 Premium Cards & all 3 Promo Cards*: $150 US Shipping Included

1 Master Set: Includes all Base Cards, 1 each all 4 Premium Cards & all 3 Promo Cards + 1 ROUNDED CORNER Variant Autograph Card*: $50 US Shipping Included



Flophouse Friends Card Set